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Help with new car :)

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afternoon/evening all


i am going to be selling my car and thus will be looking for a new car. i do mostly motorway miles so the Metro just isn't very practical.


i have been searching for a couple of weeks, but nothing is particularly grabbing me. here is a list of what i need/have, just want ideas on what cars i could get.


i have around £900 to spend

car must have long MOT and be reasonably reliable

around insurance group 10 mark


anyone got any ideas?



got to sell my car first so not looking to buy something for a week or so


(if anyone is interested in my car pm me :innocent: - Metro GTi)


cheers all :cheers:

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I have a 1.6 LX 5 door that you can have for less than your budget, mint Si interior, gti rear bumper, cabby sideskirts, fog front bumper (has mesh instead of fogs fitted with aftermarket fogs behind), 16 inch alloys, some service history, nearly 12 months MOT (till march 09), very recent timing belt/rear drums/shoes/brake cylinders. It has had a clutch and cat in the past couple of years too.
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