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'96 Ford Escort 2.0 Zetec £850 ono


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For Sale is my much loved 1996 Ford Escort 2.0 Zetec in metallic Azuarus Blue, 109,000miles


Comes with:

11 Months MOT

5 Months Tax

Central Locking

Front E/L Windows



Cabin Boot pop release

Heated Electric M3 Mirrors (not wired up)

A bit of Service History up until 80k

When I got the car in November 2006 it had been sat for a good few months, was completely standard with the 1.6 zetec in.


With a few months of work it was cleaned up and I started modifying.

Here is what has been done as follows:

2.0 Zetec engine from a Mondeo, came out of the mondeo that had done 60k on an auto box. This was performed by Power Crazy of Lincoln. All belts, fluids etc were changed.

2.0 Zetec ECU, normally on these conversions people leave them on the 1.6 or 1.8 ecu's, I have installed the correct ecu to release then engines true potential.

Custom De-cat Pipe

2.5" in-rolled back box

K57i induction kit

Magnicore HT Leads

Rocker Cover Breather

Custom Rocker Cover paint job

Lowered 40mm on pi springs

White 17" TSW Imola's

I got the car R/Red about 1 ½ months ago and it achieved 141hp est at the fly, but when the mrs was cleaning out the car she thought it was some rubbish and so binned it.

For its recent MOT, one of the brake lines were corroded so I changed all 4. Also had two new front tyres, two new rear wheel bearings, two new track rod ends and two new bottom arms.

Front SI Bumper

Gti Rear spats

RGM Side skirts

SI Spoiler

Smoked Rear Lights

Projector Angel Eyes

Clear Side Repeaters

M3 Electric Mirrors

Part Alloy Effect Dash

Lockwood Illumination Dash

Blue interior Lights and foot well lights

Rear Infinity 6x9's in the parcel shelf

Rear JBL GTO 5x7's

Front Coaxial Fli's


As this is a 12 year old car the paint work isn't tip top, the rear arches need doing again, last summer I re done them but Halfords supplied me with the incorrect paint. The paint is slightly faded on the top of the boot lid. The is a small rust spot next to the rear number plate and rust appearing at the front bottom of the drivers door. Also the bonnet is dented all over. Down the drivers side somebody has keyed the car. As I said, with the age comes the years of wear and tear. I have tried to be as honest as I can. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. The car is priced to sell, the problems taken into consideration. Iv been quoted by my paint garage £180 to paint the problem areas if i repaired the arches myself.


£850 ono








My insurance runs out next week so idealy i want to shift the car this weekend so that i can then insure my other car, so if you feel you have a sensible offer, pm me.


Ring me on 07870823627.


(I know its also posted in the ebay and piston heads part aswell but not alot of people look in there compared to here, really really really want it shifting.)

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Looks like a nice car mate. I think I would pay that much but some people will be put off by the milage so you might have a tough time...


109k mileage high? damn i aint gunna be selling mine for much then! mines clipping at the heels of that amount!

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Right, it has 6 hours left on ebay and is at £750, unfourtunaly my mate has put this bid in so it shows reserve met as i know that seeing reserve not met is off putting. if somebody were to put a bid in for £760 or £770 i think it is...the car is theirs.....now thats a billy bargin!
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