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Clutch is slipping when hot :(


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Ive found one for 45ish pounds, is there anything to look out for?


It only slips when its been driving for a while and hot, and then its only noticeable when pushing it.


Ideally Ill get it changed this weekend, should be ok as long as it doesnt get any worse?



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I noticed the gearbox arm for the clutch squeeks, so I got under the car and worked the arm while oiling it, its not squeeky anymore and seems to return quickly. After doing this it drove fine, now Ive got this:


Still seems to be there. When I left work, I pulled away onto a junction and the clutch seemed to not want to bite as quickly as normal (stayed at around 4k), put it into 2nd and it kinda slipped into gear. After that it was fine!


It was left in the sun and the engine was pretty much up to temperature by the time I left the carpark, normally takes a while.


I havent tried adjusting the clutch, but up until now its been fine. Any suggestions?

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