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Some half-decent piccies of my 'Scort, and cleaning help!


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The paint appears to be stained in places, and some places just has dirt literally stuck to the paint which I dont really want to scratch off. Would T-cutting the whole car be ok to do? :lol:


At the moment its just water and car shampoo, quick wash and done. Want to get the paint sorted before I start waxing it and polishing it. Any tips much appreciated.



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right then mr.. contaminents stuck in the paint!


if you want a gleaming car, what you need to do:


1. rinse

2. wash

3. rinse

4. quick dry (not perfectly dry is okay)

5. Clay the car (clay is like a blue tac that you rub over the car with a lube so that it can glide smoothly) just buy the meguiars clay kit from halfords as it has both the quick detailer and 2x clay bars! alternativly buy a SONUS clay bar off clean your car.com but if its never been done before id recommend megs as its a slightly more abbrasive clay!

6. Megs Step 1 Paint cleaner (also avalible online or halfords)

7. Auto Glym SRP

8. Megs No16 Mirror Glaze or Megs Step 3 Wax (think you actually get that wax in the clay megs clay pack from halfords!)

9. Get a brush detailer to remove any excess wax off from around windows etc

10. give it one last wipe over and admire


hope that helps!

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