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room designing using photoshop or other application


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Im trying to plan out the 2 bedrooms upstairs to see if we can swap with the baby..i cant be arsed doing it with pencil and ruler but cant seem to get photoshop to measure things. Ive made a new file that it the exact number of pixels long and wide as the room. but i cant seem to create a boxes that are..for example 168x213 pixels (bed) is there any way u can create things like this? or is there an app i can download that will let me do it?
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done it on photoshop in the end keeping the pixels idea,bringing up the grid and dividing the number of grids by the number of cm's, so i got a scale to draw the furniture by...itll all fit but we may need to open the lower drawers of the wardrobe from the side lol
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