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anyone who into their hardcore

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italian hard core, italian hardstyle, german gabba, totally different from the uk stuff


if you listen to uk hardcore, then listen to italian hardcore/hardstyle,


you will notice the difference, uk stuff is just chavvy and crappy singy dance music, they call it hard core just because they put a fast tempo and a squeky singing voice in the background,


italian hardstyle is pure beats, hard base, crazy tempo's, that actually gives you an adrenalin, scott brown, art of fighters, dj paul elstak


i hate the tenney techno stuff, ie clubland etc


anyways, sorry for spamming your topic no1speedfreak

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Here's some crappy HHC set I did a long time ago... pardon the mixing ;)




.. that's about as late as I can tolerate!!



This is much better>> http://di.cx/stuff/stu-e_oldskool.mp3 8)

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Helter Skelter was the name of a club night, which was originally hosted at a club in Hackney called 'Labyrinth'.. it was a great night and had hardcore and jungle... The name has nothing to do with music style ;)


.. although maybe it does these days, I haven't followed it since the late 90's..

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