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My escort Si and fez

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Firstly hello to all, looked on here a few times but just signed up as im after a few bits for a escort now.


Just bought a escort si, as run around while my fez is off the road but want to tidy it up a bit too.


After a few hicups, picked up this yesterday. Escort Si 1.8. Needs tax but has MOT for a bit.


Looks alot better after a quick clean and a polish, but theres loads of little black marks, maybe tar, on bottom of door/wings. Any ideas on how to get rid?


Needs another interior as this one is shite, stinks of cement too looks like its previously been used for some sort of builder or sumin.













And not an escort but my 2.0 fez; had a hard life and is coming of the road for a few things body work wise and another 'boosted' engine.















Comments, oppinions welcome

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fiesta looks a good little sleeper, shame about the razors :O each to there own though :thumb:


Is quite a sleeper, do get some strange looks when people see it shift. Cant wait till the blacktop charged engine is in there :)


Not got the razors anymore, its got some momo arrows on it at the mo, which look alot smarter but a massive pothole saw the death of one. However a am refurbing some fez si alloys at the mo to go on it.


Escort definately needs to be lowered a tad. Nothing i cant do myself, anything from servicing to engine changes and rebuilding i can do my self, jus poo at bodywork.



Cheers for comments people, seem like a friendly lot :cheers:

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your part of FSI are you Stu???


Yeah.. I have an account on there.. Don't post much (ever) anymore but they're a nice bunch :)



Of course we are a friendly bunch! There are some retards on there though who think there car is better than what it is but hey, gotta learn to accept people with issues!




Ive been a member on there a long time now (im one of the retards :P ) :) great bunch on there and a great laugh! went to meets in my old fez! tight little community on there.

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