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keep the escort of have a focus auto?

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been offered my mum's focus auto 2004 1.6 for my birthday, on the basis that i keep it. its spanking immaculate.

now i'm torn between that and my cabby. i can't keep both as i don't have the space, or money to keep two cars.

what would you choose? sell the cabby take the focus, or keep the cabby and say thanks but no thanks.

i'm torn!! like i said i can't sell the focus for something else before anyone suggests it, or at least not for quite a while yet!

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Terrible car... I'd rather have a Lada!


Plus most of the drivers seem to think they are quicker than anything on the road... "look what this 'S' button does! makes warp factor 9!"... No! delays the gear changes to make you think your going faster when in fact your just using more fuel! :roll:

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