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Harrison at 6 months


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aww bless he's a cutie! lovely lil smile :) bet they'l take pride of place now for you to show everyone


my nephew had some professional pics done at about the same age too - pain in the ass getting him to sit still, look at the camera and smile all at the same time! luckily there were a few decent ones!

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35 quid a "sheet"

100 quid for "5 sheets"

150 quid for "10 sheets"

200 quid for 20


i paid 150,and that photo u see above takes up 5 sheets, each "sheet" is equivalent to 10x8 so for 150 u cud just have 10 10x8 photos.


The actual photoshoot was cost 20 quid...and u get 1 free 10x8 print...and u get 2 more shoots over the next 18 months (where u'll get another free print at each one)


shoot lasted about half an hour or so..about 50 pictures taken and we chose about 8 to have printed in various shapes sizes and layouts

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