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Just picked up my new ride, its got the stock Ford 6000e radio. What are the spec's on this? Is it any good?


I have a Decent Kenwood (or it might be alpine) headunit i can stick in, but would i see any difference? I do have Pioneer 6x9 in rear 1/4's plus 17cm fronts that are going in :)


What do you reckon?



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Im not interested in running AMP's now, My kenwood unit doesn't have RCA/Pre-outs anyway! Maybe in the future but i know i will have to change the headunit anyway then, so i can budget for it.


I mean sound quality wise, surly it wouldn't be any different to a pretty low spec Kenwood headunit? I would however like to connect my ipod to it? anyway possible?


at the moment im using CD's! or my Ipod FM Tuner but that sounds terrible...


Ps: I wouldn't be to interested in selling it, i will give it to my dad for his transit so be can blast out his Ultravox!

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