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Ok went for a 10 mile drive *wont say where* ;)

anyways my temp guage rose to like the "L" (just before the red), thing is when i turned the heaters on it was blowing cold air....but when we arrived at the destination i turned the fans on without the engine running and it was warm

Got a mate who works at ford but he's a salesman, and tells me its a dodgy thermostat...or at worst the heater matrix....


all water is full and max oil.... not drinking either or mixed....


thought i better ask u lot seeing as u know what ur talkin about :P

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do you now how to test the thermostat before you take it of for no reason


wait for the engine to go cold then run the engine and hold the top radiator hose if it dosent get hot you no that the thermostate is not opening if it gets hot rearly slowly and the car strugles to get to temperature the thermostat is stook in the open position

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