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Headlight bulb vs my nose


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:pancake: Though i would post it up as i now the pain is gone i find it funny :pancake:


Has anyone every played with a hot bulb while its wet....my advise is DONT


here is why, i had my lights on for 5 minutes odd and then decided to change them...it was raining and when i took one out a nice big blob of water came of the bonnet and landed on it while it was right next to my face . Now for those that dont know, when you put water on a very hot headlight bulb it blows up. next thing i new i had a a chunk of bulb stuck in the tip of my nose. Now i have a nice big cut right on the tip of my nose :nutter:


i just thought i would share my story so no one does the same and to have a laugh, im lucky i got my eyes as far as im concerned. if it went inch to the left or right id be blind for sure!


let that be a lesson to all! :pancake:

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as said before, pics or STFU :D but still could have been worse :thumb:


what doess STFU stand for???


very illuminating :D


:pancake: very good




cheers fellas.lol i did put it up as it was funny after all! its nearly a scar now :vangry: but i got a pic of it when first did it bout week & a bit ago and what it looks like now so will post then both up when i get home tonight :)

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STFU = shut the fcuk up



:roll: well that's not very nice is it :P


Like i said before i will put pics up tonight when i finish work, but i only stuck it up as i thought you would find it as funny as my friends do!!!


Plus a lesson to you all not to try it :pancake:


or find a puddle or something, put a bulb in it just after it comes out of the car....just dont stand to close.lol

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