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HELP urgent advice needed asap


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hi all,


rite hear goe's.... 5 weeks ago a had a new cambelt kit fitted on my other car but yesturday i turned the key and rattle/knock/bang !!!!!! tow truck turns up and says that the cambelt had slipped and buggered my valves and com rods and my be more so i rang the garage they are saying that it no fault of theres (not been looked at yet by them) and they will not cover the costs of repair or repair for free.... since cambelt fitted ive done only 896 miles. where do i stand with the garage ? can they refuse to pay/repair ?


thanks in advance

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but it if it was some other part that has failed they should of spotted it when changing the belt, did you have a full kit if just belt fitted, imo if the belt has jumped,snapped,tensioner,roller failed.it is the garages reponsibiltiy.when ever a car comes into our garage we have to do a full visual check of the car, i no you cant see the cambelt, but even if the auxillary belt has come it may of pushed through the cover and damaged the belt.

the garage has to at least inspect the car you get a 1 year parts warranty

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