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opinions please?


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right this is how it stands now....





and this is whats planned....


my skirts once they painted, goona spliter, re-paints my wheels and debagde all round and de tango the sides.



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they are the bees knees mate!!


when you get them let me know hehe, i wanna get somkem for mine too!




whats that? smoked side reps?


the door handles are being painted but as for the bum strips i dont know whether to paint them or just remove them altogether. the strip on the boot lock will be painted too.


there is a fair bit of rust on the boot so the options are to either buy another boot lid and repaint or repair this one. at which i'll just de-wiper it, lol.

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right, half decent photoshop this time, with a half decent pic (angle wise) to start with....


think i've hit the nail on the head... in my eyes anyway.




then this is what i'm thinking if i brand it up for some advertising for myself....




whee it looks like grey/white on the wheels or graphics, that will actually be in silver..

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