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TDI conversion (PATS question)


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Hey i've started a TDI conversion on my van.


My question is what PATS parts do need to swap over?


theres the transceiver thats around the barrel and keychip but do i need to change the module behind the dash?


my guess is i will have to its just i dont recall any TDI conversion thread mentioning taking the dash out


thanks in advance



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you don't need the transceiver ring but you can replace it if you wish, what you definately need is...


key(s) pats ecu, engine ecu and engine/dash wiring



being a complete pain to get at the pats box you can leave your existing one there and cable tie your replacement up behind dash with the new wiring.


i can supply more details if needed

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The fuel heater shouldn't make a difference to starting in this weather, neither should the cold start advance (waxstat). I removed my fuel heater months ago, and even in the freezing cold mornings I had no trouble with starting my car on the first turn of the key. I would look towards a fuel problem i.e. lack of fuel due to air in the lines, or worse case scenario, engine compression. Edited by marty1979
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