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Multi Charging


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Right.. is this even pos..


I have 3 things that run off the ciggy lighter. Phone charger, GPS charger and Ipod charger.


If i buy a 3 way lighter can i wire it up to the ingition to come on and off and power all three devices safely at the same..


I was thinking of one of these's.




I take it i would have to cut off the ciggy plug and use teh 2 wires?? i take it theres 2. In doing this, there is no extra fuse... Is that ok/safe? and what wires would i need to solder them to on the car..


Cheers. :P

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Sounds alright. None of those devices are drawing much current so you should be fine patching it into any switched live really (eg, the radio switched live). If you want to be extra careful, stick a 5 amp fuse inline.
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3-5A inline fuse on a 5A line would be fine... (Radio for example)


Unless your going to start using inverters (For mains devices), ciggy plug car starters or indeed any higher power devices then you'll be better off with a high amp multi-way adaptor and a direct line to the battery with an inline fuse over 10-15A


Mines currently a direct line from battery with 1A inline fuse as I only use it for my phone (aka my satnav) charger (800mA peak) with a swtiched line from dash lights for the socket backlight. (Single Socket)

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Coolio fella's .


Ok in this pic the black connector is for the power but which coloured cable one is the radio switched power..




I'm not going to use the OEM ford cables so i thought the ISO extension would be ok, [ incase i feck it hehe ]


so basically, cut the plug of the 4 way, buy a in-line fuse say like 5 amps, one end on the power cable of the 4 way the other on the switched live.. What ground shall i put the 4 ways ground cable on.

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I believe it's the red one.... Yellow is perm live, red is switched.. someone else (pukka?) can confirm.

On different cars it's reversed which is why most ISOs seem to now come with reversable constant and switched lines.


Grab a multimeter or a bulb bodge (without sparking yourself up!) and test... if one line goes off when you take your keys off... thats the switched. meaning the other is constant (The constant line can sometimes be lower amp than the switched as it's only designed to keep the memory in the headunit - Bare this in mind while your wiring! - Should be fine for chargers but nothing else! The Switched should be a 10A+ line)


EDIT: pressed Reply twice... what an amature! :roll:

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ok cool .


Ok thinking you idea would good aswell.


Ok Power line from battery with 1a ?? did u mean 10amp fues? then ground on the ciggy lights

1A not 10A for mine... I only ever use one charger and thats a 800mA (0.8A) charger

But you'll be using 3 chargers so I'd suggest you add up the amp ratings on the chargers and round up the figure to the nearest fuse size (Which I'm guessing would either be 3A or 5A). The worst that could happen if you use a lower fuse is the fuse blowing! and you can always change the fuse later for higher amp devices.


The direct line from battery was using cheap amp power leads (One positive bolt on onto battery lead and one bolt onto chassis lead). Although this could be a drain if the adaptor isn't just a simple circuit inside. (ie... input line just split to sockets... no fancy stuff!)

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