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Sh*t hit the fan.

Fat Del

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Went on for a drive on Saturday night and discovered a strange noise in the exhaust. I ignored it until I got home and had a look. The exhaust has decayed to a point where it has now snapped off and so now I can't drive till I get a new back box :(


While the car is jacked up, I need to Pee about having the handbrake fixed because frankly, it doesn't work. Rear brakes also need to be sorted (about £100 apparently), my suspension seems done in, so while I was going to put on lowering springs, I now need new shocks...



All this from one bloody drive. Bad luck comes in threes it seems.



Just thought I'd post to highlight the great weekend i've had.

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I would go back to who sold you the car and smack them in the moosh


The bloke is a idiot. When I bought it there was a crack in the front window that hadnt been there when i went to view and he lied about it, saying I mustn't have seen it, but it WASNT there. He got it fixed (if thats what you can call it) and the glass bloke did a Shite job. The exhaust is in tatters, handbrake ruined and things wrong with brakes. It must have had a dodgy MOT because I'll need to fix it up before it'll pass one.


Going to order a new backbox and I finally found a company that will deliver next day so hopefully I can sort all that crap out on Tuesday. £135.00. Not too bad really I guess, with delivery etc.

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