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battery dying, urgent please


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jsut had an engine conversion done, ike yesterday, 2.0 zetec


been out in it all day did about 80 miles and was fine, until tonight while i was driving and the battery died, the car was jumpstarted first but lost power again shortly after. it also was bumpstarted several times during the night, but lost power again within a few minutes. does anyone know what could cause this, and what coule be the resolution? im hoping that it gets to work tomorrow morning so i can fix this

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from what i can see the wiring is fine, and the battery light does go off when the engine is running. i doubt it would be down to the batt because its only suddenly happened since this conversion? but i dont really know, any more suggestiong i could try?



check the battery isnt shorting out on any body work, like the bonnet. take it down to halfords and they check it for free. if its loosing charge that quickly or has been shorted out it may be knackered. the fluid may need topping up or replacing. if so just get a new battery

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