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I need to buy one soon... I dont know if Im camping at any shows yet but im off to a festival at the end of the month. wheres the best place for cheap but decent tents?? Argos?

tesco do some good ones...



or get a mate in the forces with you and go to millets and get 10% off..... any forces, military or rescue etc..

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Why do you need a tent trig, you live next door to all the shows lol

Except RS Coombe, I will need my tent for that, which is why it got an airing in the back garden yesterday


Book me in for that aired tent this weekend then mate - in your back garden :thumb:

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I have got a Eurohike Dart (around £35) but I also have this which was £30 from my Dad's mate:




Two compartments at back which sleeps three people in one and two in another, plus the middle and front bits. Bargain if I say so myself! :roll:

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