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1.6 Zetec OR 1.8TD


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Hi everyone,


Firstly, great forum, loads of info. Glad I joined!


I am hopefully going to be getting an escort estate soon, around the 1999 - 2001 year. I was wondering, which would be better in regards to MPG (following the price of fuel). Also maintainance costs and typical breakdowns etc.


Also...(just to pick your brains further!)


Which is the difference between the TDI and the TDDI? (if any)?


Many Thanks


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in the heafty estat i'd say the oil burner too, if you were talking a hatch and didn't do mega miles i'd say the petrol.

the only thing is the cambelts do need doing regularly - its not a big expense


as for TDDI / TDI its just traders making Shite up all turbo diesel escorts have the same old fashioned 1.8td lump they are all Turbo Diesel Direct Injection and i've not see na late model without an intercooler thats what TDI stands for. i believe people have been calling them TDDI's due to the early foci and mondeos having old fashioned direct injection engines as opposed to the TDCI (common rail) lumps. hope this helps and if i'm wrong i'm sure someone will correct me :P

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i have a late 00 tdi escort estate,with a estate model,u have the space to carry items if u are going out for the weekend,good mpg,has everybody says,if its the turbo diesel intercoolered model(90 bhp),u have quite good power for a old log burner lol,has they say,make sure it has a new timing belt kit about evey 40k,and not just a belt,like some people put on,its worth spending the bit extra,hope this helps u :thumb:
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Thank you so much for your comments!


I have a young family (me, mrs and 5mnth daughter) and the mrs' KA is just not big enough!

I only want to spend around £700 on it really (both ladies can be expensive! :) )


I work for a car rental company and used to drive the Mondeo ST TDCI's alot and thought it was brilliant how diesels have come along.


Many many thanks for your advice and input.

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