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Tsw Evo-R's in black


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Im am considering selling these wheels, they are still on my van at the min but i am selling it on Tuesday and im keeping the wheels so i am thinking if someone gives me the right price they can have them!


They have got good tires on at the moment, 2 x Khumo and 2 x Runway (there a bit crap) but they have good tread on them!


I have had these wheels re-con'd about a year ago in gloss black, I have curbed them a couple of times since then :nutter:

The only thing with these wheels is that the spokes sick out and they catch stones as they fly up, I had to put mud flaps on the front to try and stop this which it stopped most of it but there are a few stone chips on them!


These are the only photos i have of them at the min, When they come off my van ill give them a good polish up and take some more!


I am looking for £150 can post at extra cost obviously









This is the first time i ever put them on after the refurb still at the tire fitters!


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Here are the 4 wheels just taken outside on the car park, The pics arnt very good at all and the wheels are covered in break dust, they havent been cleaned for about 2 weeks, They come up really shiney when polished!






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I had these in 15" on mine at one time and they come with a clip for each wheel that goes through them holes that stop the caps coming out :thumb:


Like so:




Free bump and good luck with the sale ;)

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