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rs 2000 handbrake cable


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can anybody help with this i cant get one anywere :nutter: ford only fitted this type for 3 months sep 92 - dec 92 :vangry:

this is a german import rhd it has no petrol flap the same as mk5 but has the mk5b bonnet and back end????

any ideas will be very help full :cheers: . ps mot up in a couple ov weeks!!!!!!!!!!

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cant you give ford the number plate and they can get you one from that? if you like ill give you the plate of my 5b rs2k thats im breaking, its a very early 5b with no petrol flap and 5b front and back end....


mines not a 4x4 tho, just realised it said that, so ignore me if its different lol.

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