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Full Ice install from Max Power project car


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Its cluttering up my garage


anything you want its all cheep like the budgie!


4 x infinity Beta 12" subs


1 x Infinity digital 50w x2/200w x 1 amp


2 x Infinity digital 100w x2/400w x 1 amp


Left and right hand box for 12" subs (takes 2 subs)


1 x Infinity crossover


1 x Precision power PC2100 amp


4 x infinity Kappa 80f mids (2 bit messy but work still)


Denon Head unit


lots of wire and assorted other bits


no sensible offer declined and happy to split


PM me or use rayjcollier@yahoo.com

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Head unit promised to nick_ov_uk first then Nearly-Def!


I can post anything but it may cost lots as its all heavy!






price posted to s81 9be on the 2 Infinity digital 100w x2/400w amps and the crossover



£20 per item plus postage seem fair to you?


I'm interested in one of the higher powered amps... :)



£20 per item plus postage to get them out my garage!

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