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Question about blocked phones (If reported stolen)

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I was wondering if a phone has been reported stolen and you put a sim card in it would the phone show any signal at all?


I thought I had lost my phone so reported it missing and asked for it to be blocked. Then somebody returned it and it was working fine. I called o2 and asked them to cancel the block and was told it hadn't even gone through on the system, so it won't be blocked.


The phone was working fine until I put it into the local official Nokia shop to have a new case put on it, since I got it back I put a sim card in and it says it has full signal, but when you try to make a call it comes up saying "Connection Error", and if you try and call the number of the SIM card it doesn't ring and goes straight to answer phone.


What I need to know 100% for sure is whether or not a phone blocked for being stolen would have a full signal, or if it would be an empty signal. It also says 02-UK at the top...


If I know for sure it would have zero signal then I can assume they did something wrong when putting the new case on. It is an N73 so the whole thing needed to be taken apart for it to be changed.

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Give o2 another bell...

The block may have been processed. I know a lot of forgetfull people at o2!


Sounds like a SIM only block... tried another sim?

If a phone is stolen or lost and blocked can it be unlocked ?

Mis-read the initial post... Heat getting to me! :rolleyes:

Does sound like a phone block.


Unblock = Either original operator/IMEI change(technically illegal...)

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