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Right, Ive got my 1.4 escort at the moment, and ive started working earnin min wage, so i will have some money to do things if i want. The thing is sometimes Il look at the car and think , it will look good with some skirts , wheels etc. But then other days I just think whats the point as its just an ok car, and few bits of rust appearing here and there, and a there are some minor problems with it. So should do some stuff to the car, or save alot of money and just use it as a run around and buy somthing new and better when i get money.


What are your thoughts



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If i save for a better car, which im tempted to do, probably wouldnt be an escort. Dont get me wrong i like escorts, its just i would want somthing with a newer feel to it. Dont really care about performance, thats why i quite like the look of the fiesta zetec s, despite what some of you may say on here
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