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Forced to polish the car by a cat!


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Well, after I suspect my cat did this to my new runabout (had it about 2 weeks):



I thought I'd give it a clean, now the wing looks like this:





And this is how the rest of the car looks! Not finished yet, need to dress the plastic/rubber, and I wanna give it anouther coat or 2 of poilsh:




Thought I'd give a go at the usual "detailing" style pics... Not bad for 17+ year old paint, eh? :D





Gotta say, after T has kept it in an excellent condition, it was nice and easy to polish up! Hope I'm keeping it up to your standard, Tom! :)

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How/Why can/would a cat reach up there and scratch it all the shite? :O


My cats just crap and leave footprints on mine...


It started sitting on the bonnet, but it has a nasty habit of not jumping high enough, and then scrabling for grip to pull it up the rest of the way! :(

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