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stealth shelf £40


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nice solid shelf, 6x9 cut outs sounded very good when it was in the car i brought. was going to use it in my own but im halfway through making my own so id rather finish that off exactly how i want it so this one is for sale


its a grey carpet on top (similar colour to the standard shelf) and a black carpet panel underneath. has the strings so you can hook it onto the boot but one of the pins that slot into the plastic shelves is missing. but this is only a length of plastic dowel. easy pick up a bit from b&q or somewhere similar although when it was in the car it still lifted up and down and shut the boot without any trouble so maybe dont worry about it.




cheers. will get a pic tomorrow if i remember. but you know what a stealth shelf looks like???

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fisrtly the shelf is prov sold to quickshift, also to answer the questions, the shelf isnt a flat type it look just like a standard shelf from above and you cannot see the speakers, they fix to the bottom which is why this has been made with an extra panel underneath, its stronger and has longer fixing screws for security and qualitaaayyyy
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