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Cat c escort gti


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im selling my escort gti. its a cat c car, i have picture of damaged car to show it wasnt that bad.


97k miles, tax and mot until next september if i remem correctly. Has gmax full suspension kit, magnex cat back, drilled front discs. Also has mondeo 16s on it with a good amount of life left in the tyres. Let me stress at this point the car is no way perfect, but it is washed every couple days and polished once a week.


Ive had fitted since gettng it last september- new timing belt kit and water pump, wheel bearing, new pads, a cv boot, oil change every 3k


Bad bits- its been shunted in the rear some point in its life, u can tell as back panel is obviously pushed in a small amount. There is a key mark on passenger rear door. There is a wheel bearing noise coming from front at mo, could be bearing, could be gearbox bearings starting to go, im no mechanic. Also the revs can get stuck at about 3k area sometimes, when u take it to that amount it tends to stay there for a bit before dropping (idle valve maybe??).


Just to add also, it has air con and sunroof, and its had electric mirrors fitted


This car would be perfect if, like me when i bought it i just wanted a car that got me around everyday, it wasnt perfect, its a 5 yard stunner, but i didnt care, a descent enough motor. At this point i feel its too good to break, ive done about 40 miles a day in it since owning it and its never let me down. I tend to do a couple hundred miles each weekend, never missed a beat.


If it doesnt sell then i'll just keep it, drive it till im done with it and then scrap it. No bad comments please.


would like £600 for it, i know it would break for that or even bit more but i dont have the time etc




more pics available if anyone is genuinly interested and wants to see pics of any parts of the car



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1pukkadeal- yeah i know what u mean mate, i would break it, but i dont really have the space tbh plus dont want the hassle of getting money for it in dribs and drabs.


Just to clear up any confusion, the car was a cat c in the past, its back on the road and ive driven it everyday since i took ownership last september. Obviously still states on log book that it was involved in a insurance claim and has repaired etc, as that will stay with it for life now. Have a photo to show the front end shunt it had only required wing, headlight, bonnet repair and bumper.

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