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What have i missed


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Been away for the weekend,to northern ireland..get back and all the cars have flags in the windows,coloured ribbons on their bonnets and people are waving flags over bridges...WTF has happened?


The flags are scottish flag and the union flag..some things had words but couldnt read em

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could be,cos it was as we were passing near glasgow....



they will be coming down to manchester for the final ,so I reckon its that around 80,000 expected even though only half that will have tickets


Aye, just seen a few a minute ago with their Rangers scarfs flying from the car etc heading towards Manchesters biggest council house aka City of Manchester stadium....

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Well just been watching Sky news ,My god I have not seen this many scotts coming over the border into england since the days of the old england vs scotland matches ,17.000 official ticket holders for rangers and numbers that are now expected are 100,000 plus ,I hope rangers stuff them big time ,I hope my own team do the same against utd next week in the champions league final too :thumb: Edited by 1pukkadeal
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