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After seeing Gwas graphite grey dash surround and gear surround i've decided mine needs attention..but what colour?


the car is ash black and will eb soon coded with anthracite wheels probably using Mazda 3 grey. interior wise i have a silver gearknob from a fiesta and a silver puma 6000CD (could code these parts to match the interior)


im thinking an anthracite colour (as ryans looks ace) or just matching the knob and stereo...which i think stratos silver should do.


I had a coded dash in my freedom,bright green...very max power but very well done

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im liking that lamb...im contemplating doing mine in auralis blue...ive got some paint left over from halfrauds sh1tty colour match anyways (slightly bluer than car)

is it just a case of sanding back and primering and painting then laquer??

what grit paper should i use???

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if it was me id rub it down with soapy water and 400 grit, then go to 800 then 1200, then primer and 1200 grit wet and dry it, top coat, dependant on paint wet and dry, then laquer and polish after few days, not a guide but how id do it,
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