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Sad Day!! Selling my Escort


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Ok people - pictures coming up over the weekend but heres the spec


Mk6 Escort on a S plate


Will have a full Mot


Amparo Blue 5 door


Full stainless steel exhaust system (cat back)with Savage slash cut 4.5 back box lol very loud!


Drilled airbox with K and N filter


Fully colour coded - handles rubbing strips mirrors etc.


Meshed Front bumper


Evo / Intgra type spoiler


Lowered on purple Koni Springs


Rs skirts and Spats


Graphics down doors and bonnet (Sponser logos)- can be removed easily


15" GTi alloys


Mk5b Rs2000 Limited Edition Recaro front seats and back - standard door cards.


White dials and clock


Mdf shelf with 6 x 9's


Carbon lettered number plates.


Crystal Side Repeaters


Lexus lights (sadly!)


and im sure more but cant remember.


If you want to make some money please look at my other thread - maybe come to an arrangement for the lot or if you want any of the parts


Looking at around £1000 but would take offers tbh - try your luck - im on the outskirts of Glasgow (G66 4UH)


Wont split for parts im afraid.


And pictures over the weekend as i want to give it a good wash and wax and hoover.


Reason for sale? I want something faster - pure and simple.


Owned by myself for two years and maintained to a high standard.


Cheap in insurance (£250 Fully comp with 5 years no claims and everything declared) and economical.

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Lol me too - will get it done asap - so busy atm its not funny but will be done this weekend - my brother also works a valet so getting it done Sunday and taking the pictures and uploading it too - but posted it up now to see if there is any interest.
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Pictures this Sunday will still have the black grille and matching lights - if anyone is interested let me know asap as i have a few people coming over the weekend- and yes i know it will be better with pictures - they will be forthcoming this Sunday once valeted!
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75 thousand


Yup on the Aircon.


1.6 16v Finesse.


Bit of rust on the back arches - got full repair panels but hopefully getting the rust sorted this week anyway.


Never been in an accident to the best of my knowledge thou please feel free to HPi it.


Taxed for another 3 months


Mot runs out in September but as stated i should be getting it a full ticket.


* Will double check last two points as im at work atm *


Any more questions ask away!

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