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lost my job


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well lost my job today, seems a bit unfair to be honest for the reasons so i am going to seek legal advice,


2 years i worked there, doing the same transactions, becomes a natural thing, then get this new manager and tells us that some transactions can now only be done by managers,well daft me does this new managment transaction without thinking the day after, as being so used to doing them, so now they give me the shove off


2 weeks ago i chased a chav down the road and recovered and item he stole from the shop, week before that i got back a bike a indian was trying to steal, put my self out for them,and they go and do this,


i must stand a chance doing something about this surely


if anyone knows of anywork going, or wants someone to work for them please let me know,


so looks like my project is on hold, :nutter: tough times at the min, tough times

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there classing it as gross misconduct robexor, never had one verbal at all let alone 2 verbals and 1 written,


but its like i been doing the transactions myself which everyone knew about, and wasnt a problem, so it becomes natural. its like trying to stop someone holding a steeering wheel a certain way, when u been doing something for so long and then all of a sudden your not allowed to not easy to get out of the habbit,

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its just refunds we not allowed to do, and 12 week cancellations, i cancelled off a 12 week agreement for a customer, so they could buy something else, didnt think at all till after, but i didnt give the customer any money, so in my daft eyes i wasnt doing a refund, as she was adding funds towards something else


a written warning would suffice, slap on the wrist, but getting sacked, kinda hurts,


was getting my bumpers n bonnet sprayed at end of month too, urgh

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quick search , found this ...


The Employment Act 2002 states that all employers (regardless of size) must have a written Grievance and Disciplinary Policy that complies with the following minimum standards introduced by the Act:



An employer must set out in writing the reasons for the alleged misconduct.

The employee must be invited to attend a disciplinary meeting.

After the meeting, the employer must inform the employee in writing of the decision.

The employee must be allowed a right of appeal.

Failure to follow this standard procedure will amount to unfair dismissal unless the employer can show that the failure to follow the procedure would have made no difference to the outcome. An Employment Tribunal can make a punitive award of an increase in compensation of 10% for failure to comply with the standard procedure (and this can go up to as much as 50%). A Tribunal can also award up to four weeks pay for the period of time it would have taken to go through the proper disciplinary procedure.


Employers can have their own contractual disciplinary and grievance procedures as long as these are not less than the minimum standards set out by the Act.

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duffa your an angel, that answers me a few questions already


there sending me everything though post in written, but they told me over phone first, looks like i stand a slight chance then for a tribunal


will wait for the paper work to come though, and take it to seek some advice


i mean nothing might come of it, but at least its worth a try to clear my name of getting sacked

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I kind of understand you're dissapointment BUT

Just because you have done some good deeds for you're job doesnt mean you can break the rules


true, i did something wrong, a lot of people do things wrong im sure, but how many people do something wrong and get sacked, to me its not a sackable offence, in my eyes a written warning after my explanation would suffice,

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