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French creation ??


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looks like all the work was done very well ,I just dont like it myself ,theres a car audio shop nearby and there is always cars like this parked there each day ,the area is such a snobby area at best cars like these are frowned upon but the old gits Edited by 1pukkadeal
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I dont agree with the statement of it being a Halfords bolt on car... the mods are thought out and it looks like some kind of cool futuristic concept car. I appreciate it but I would never drive something like that.

The BTCC one is cool but to see a wing like that on a road car, I would lmao


and how illegal is that plate!!

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i like modified cars, and i like it!


lets not start turning into barry boys! lol


even if you dont like it as pukka says, you have to admire the hours gone into that!



the guy had it booked in for a total re install terry ,£4ks worth in fact could not fault the quality of workmanship ,interior was stunning with full digital dash ,popping in there in a minute so will look for other cars while there

Edited by 1pukkadeal
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