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If you are a seller beware as Ebay in their wisdom have now taken away the power for a seller to leave negative feedback even if the buyer is being an arse and blackmailing the seller ,so you have been warned ,I think its a damn cheek as I get people trying it on all the time and even try blackmailing me over feedback, :censored:


Now as a seller you will see this message before you leave feedback for buyers


Important changes to Feedback

Buyers, you can no longer receive negative or neutral Feedback from sellers.


I know Im looking at it from a sellers point of view , and in the case of buyers if the seller is a d1ck you can leave bad feedback and the seller cant do the same

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Ebay just perfectic they dont know what the hell there doing. People who dont pay for items should not be allowed to leave feedback then the seller leaves the bad feedback showing who the ass holes are but they wont do this. There thick as gordon brown ebay dumb asses who cant learn and make big mistakes there basicly waste of time and space.
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End of the day sellers generally wait for their feedback before giving any, so if you did neg them they would probabily neg you back ;( . In these cases I don't give any feedback at all, and thats not good for anyone.


I think sellers should be made to give feedback before receiving any but have the option to reply to any neg without harming the buyers status :)

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I personally think it is a good idea. (dont shoot me)


As a regular buyer, many of the sellers think they can try and con you out of stuff and like many on here I have been ripped off many times. If sellers just give a good service and sends things on time (what they should be doing anyway) then there will be no problems. i have been ripped off twice recently and will not leave negative feedback as i know they will do the same to me.


As for the blackmailing, I think it is bang out of order, but if you keep the e-mails as proof surely you could forward them to ebay??

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