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How much & Where do i get a red key?


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Hi all does anyone know where i can get a red master key??


I have the black key with red dot but thats worn down and ive changed all the locks so its not good but i did not change the ecu


I have been given a key code from timpsons to give if i want a new key cut so do i still need a red master key and what the hell does it do?

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The red key is linked to the ECU.


The red key is used to program more keys so that they will start the car.


You should have 1 red key and 2 black keys....


Your better off getting another ECU, key and lock set inc ignition. it will be cheaper than getting another red key.



Thats what i was thinking but this time ill get one with red key :cheers: but car starts ok and thats with all locks inc ignition changed (i just unplued the battery when changing the ing barrel)

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pukka what does a red key cost,i hear u need to plug the car in to the diag machine (at a cost of 90 quid) and then pay for the actual job of getting the code from the ecu and making the key/chip



the last one we did cost around the £90 mark as you said .will find out for definate at work tomorrow

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