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2FDC 130ps ECU & 130ps Cams


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hi, im wanting a 2FDC 130 ecu for my xr2i/3i loom.


also 130ps cams.





i have a pair of cams that are re-profiled by kent to a 1.8 stage 1. which is the same profile as standard 2litre. which is the same as 130ps 1.8 cams. i brought with a ported cylinder head but never used them as i had a set of 2litre ones already. £50 inculding post

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i've got the whole 130ps conversion off a car im breaking atm.


i've got the maf sensor, ecu, throttle body and cam's for sale :thumb:


£125 posted if you want them, give me a call if you do want them coz i dont get on her much, my number is 07775725698

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