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pats ecu


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Pretty much.. I recently tried to get this working with the Escort PATS transceiver to no avail (even with my Ford diagnostics guy with me)...



isnt the pats built into the ecu though? unless you use a non pats ecu and external pats off an old motor and patch the 2 systems together. non that anyone(not even for) knows which pats cable does what or where it goes of how it works.

how did you try it stu? did you strip a pats ecu down and follow the lines on the board and produce a circuit diagram of the ecu to see what does what? or do you already know the ins and out of the pats system. it wouldnt surprise me mate :thumb:

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The PATS lines on a 1.8 differ to a 2.0 (as in, both internal PATS ecu's).. also the receiver is different on the Mondeo, although I have not been able to confirm if this is an issue or not.. I gave up with it to be honest, can't be arsed wasting time on it and frankly noone would care if I did suss it (and certainly not part with any cash)..


I did start to trade the internal-pats ecu pcb to find out how to disable it but didn't get to the bottom of it (yet). I don't think I will persue it (even though I have a contact who could most likely give me a pin number on the main processor to use to bypass) because once i've 'hacked' PATS, others will easily copy, and then it becomes a theft related issue (could have drastic effects - I doubt people would want to lose their Thatcham discount on their Escorts because it's hacked...)

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I don't want to, for the reasons I specified above.



i wanted to at one point purely to try an ecu without paying £60 for a new key but in the end with a bit of advice i was told the ecu was plug and play and got my key and it all worked. i know what you mean about the theft issue though stu, well i reckon everybody does. at the end of the day do you really want to leave your car without the immobilise at the cost of £500 for a new alarm/immobiler system? good luck though if you do work it out but how much effort would it work out to and how many people would really want to get involved with trying it out. unless they're out for nicking cars? lol

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