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Pocket rocket, the ultimate sleeper? What do you recommend?


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I'm after a bit of a project, the vans ok with the new TDI lump in, but its never going to be a rocket ship, or handle well!


I'm after something fast but subtle, and most importantly cheap.


My mates just stuffed a cav red top into an old 1.2 Corsa, kept it totally standard looking bar 15inch steelys and its great, handles well on lowered springs and is a perfect car for everyday trips to work etc.


I was thinking along the lines of a fiesta Si, the 1.6 zetec ones are just screaming out for a 2.0 mondy engine transplant!


What can you lot think of? Any car, just has to be around 1k all in...

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citreon AX with a VTS engine :thumb: or a renault 5 campus with a GTT :cheers:


That would be awesome.



Like the idea of a corsa though. A few years ago a few of us went to vauxhall performance weekend at the pod and there was a purple corsa sleeper. Hub caps, shitty exhaust, the lot. Did the strip in sub 11 seconds and was beaing the likes of vx220 and was on par with that mg super car thing. Was proper entertaining to wastch.

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