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how do i get my Wii "online"


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as title really . had a wii ages and know i fancy getting mario kart and now ive seen alot of people race their mates online etc .


what do i need to do this and is it easy ??


ive got wireless internet with sky and have a netgear wireless router . i use a belkin dongle thing to get the laptop to work on the net . just thought id tell you what ive got incasae there is different things/ways to fo it etc


cheers people !!!

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ur wii has a wireless lan built in so go into setting (internet) if u have a surcure network (key) i think its a 13 number code... type that into ur wii and should be ok to play then.. if not it will give u a code just google the code and it tells u how to resolve it.


if that don't work try this...http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/wfc/en_na/index.jsp

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Wireless is easy :thumb:


Mine is not :vangry: I've just got my LAN adaptor this morning, plugged it into the Wii, unplugged the e'net connection from my PS3 and put it into the LAN adaptor. Re-booted everything expecting it to work and nothing :nutter: What am I doing wrong? Surely I should be able to use the same connection/cable that my PS3 has been using??

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