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Well, seeing as the Petrol is going up Stupidly high, its no longer Practical for me to drive to work as I don't earn enough money as it is.....


I've been looking into getting the car LPG converted, seeing I'm going to be keeping it for a few years as its only 1 year old.. Been looking at LPGCONVERSIONS.COM and they seem pretty good, they done an online quote the Corsa Converted.


What I want to know is.. is it worth it, As it will take a few years before I start benefiting from it.


To have the LPG conversion:

You loose some bootspace for the Gas tank (dual Fuel)

They have to stick a switch in the car so you can switch to either gas or Fuel (my car is new I dont want pieces adding on the dash (typical gay guy all neat lol))

For the gas conversion you loose 20% of your normal MPG than when on Fuel

and its going to cost me £1800 so it will take me a few years to start benefiting the low cost and for the car to pay for itself.


What do you think? Do I go for it?? or do I just hold out on the petrol and hope to god that the price drops?????

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Jobseekers... What most people are going to be on if the petrol prices don't drop soon. May as well get in early! :roll:


National elections will be easy... everyone will vote for the party which promises a reduction in fuel duty! :pancake:


Tram cheaper? use that and use the car to see the mother! :thumb:

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Tram cheaper? use that and use the car to see the mother! :thumb:


Tram is £44 a month, as I said I only use the car 3 times a week, as I work different shift's 3 times a week and its alot easier to Drive in rather than waiting for a tram with space on it. :)


get a cheaper car....


My car is cheap......... its a 1.2 Meekstaaa?? its not the finance and paying for the car I cant afford, its the Petrol.



have a look how much it has gone up in price when it first became popular. after 2010 it will be the same price has petrol.


Probably, thats another thing I was thinking about too.

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If you can't afford the petrol on a 1.2 you have 2 options


1. like dan said get rid and get something like a bike or...


2. Get a beter paid job.



do I sense an attitude?


Im sure im not the only one on here who can barely afford petrol. :)

I'm spending around £50 a week in petrol (excluding weekends)... At my age that's about a quarter of my personal net income. :rolleyes:

But I couldn't work without my car... Even if you lived next-door to your place of work (think of an excuse to be late there!) no employer takes you seriously unless you have your car and a full licence it seems.

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Try affording petrol when your a student!


What I think is unfair is that government is taking about 64p of fuel duty!


and the only people that it effects is the poorer people in this country!



You don't think the government are going to let you live without paying ANY tax, do you?

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If you have £1800 for a gas conversion rattle it into paying your car off early. Free's up some monthly inclome that way. Petrol aint gonna get any cheaper now so if you can't afford to run a car you might aswell get rid. I have to run 2 cars off my wages the BMW (2.8) and Focus (1.6) to be honest I cut about in the Focus the best part of the time as it's cheaper to run.
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