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Fitting Foglights

Fat Del

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Ok so it's FITP tomorrow and I wanted to have my foglights fitted in the bumper but I won't have time to do it all properly so I think i'll just put them on, without doing all the wiring etc because it's pissing down with rain :(


Anyone know how to do it? I don't want to go out there not knowing what to do beforehand because i'll get soaked if I don't do it fairly effieciently. What tools do I need? How can I do it etc?


Cheers :rolleyes:

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is the bumper on the car already?? if so 8 screws...2 on either side of bumper in wheel arch, 4 nuts..iirc about 8-13mm,on inside of bumper on either side of grille..4 screws for fogs 2 either side of lights... simple enough really...easier if you get under car or have car jacked up..1 posse screwdriver done in about 15 - 20 mins if that :thumb: Edited by marshy
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