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I was interviewed by Dominic Diamond for the 1st series of this (I didn't know he was to be the host).. didn't get on the show though.. had to play 'Strider' on the Sega Megadrive.. not a game I was familiar with!


Interviewed for the 2nd or 3rd series too, in the middle of nowhere (as Docklands had been blown up by the IRA sometime after series 1!).. didn't get to be on that either but got tickets to be in the audience :)


These were the days.........

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I always wanted a neo geo but couldn't afford one :(

Me & my brother had a modified arcade cabinet, had the ability to play arcade boards & included the added neo geo cartridge slot, blimy those cartriges were like video cassettes lol.

World hero`s 3 I think it was we used to play a lot.

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hours of amusement, make a team of your mates, and another team of people you hate and then completely blow them to pieces with a Sheep or Banana bomb....amazing :pancake:


Also digging big holes, stuffing as many worms in there as possible and then letting a Sheep loose in there (or whatever large explosive you had). See how many worms you could kill in one go hahahaha. I'm gonna have to dig that out again....

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