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Information Needed Regarding Trailers


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its true. standard car licence is only upto 3.5 tonne, including any trailer.

So many new laws about licence restrictions now-a-days.

In my last job, I had to take a HGV test to drive a 6.5 tonne recovery truck, as my licence only went upto 3.5.

I can now drive any rigid upto 35 tonne!!!


I asked about towing a car trailer with a transit while I was there (as a mate was into bangers at the time) and they said I'd need a special trailer licence, or to do an artic test, after my standard HGV.


I does keep in-experienced drivers off the roads, but yet another way for the government to tax the poor motorist, with more test/theory/hazard perception fees!!

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That's mad... told me when I passed my test that I could drive anything that wasn't a truck or bike. with 8 seats or below and had a total weight of under 7.5tons


Just checked through my licence papers and it says 3.5tons total... sucks (even if it does state I can drive a tractor! - B, B1, fkp)


Means I can't drive a Rover for one... they are about 7.4Ton :roll:


I can understand the confusion... this system isn't exactly easy to understand :unsure:

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