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FITP 2008

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Right well, day started waking up WAY too early. Meeting steve, J and Nath (who was late) in Watford and going up to meet Sammy in Hatfield. Had a nice drive up there and met at the service station and then queued up to get in. After we all parked, the gazebo and flags went up. The stand looked really good and all the cars were looking good (except for some pikey saloon). Went for a wonder round and had a look at some of the other cars, where there was some major projects. Some of the cars I liked there were a 05 plate fiesta on TBs (did sound a bit rough though), a KA with a Focus RS engine in and a mondeo with a 40k sound system.


Talked to alot of members and met some new faces. Got some advice on some of my mechanical problens (thanks dan and trig) and the weather was definately onour side. Here are a few pics throughout the day;


Sammy on the way;


Putting the gazebo up:


Waynes lovely super sport in an imaculate condition:


Trig and Sammy:







Andy 3i, Ky_gti and Steve (1pukkadeal)




Mine (not me inside):


Abused saloon on show mode:


Abused saloon with cheddar wheel nuts:


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Just got back, had a great day, and was nice to meet some of the members off here, weather was really good, and I hope to meet more of you at other shows


Thanks once again to trig and others that organised the event, and the stand looked really good

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