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i want power


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Not much can be done with that engine as it is, they were designed with fuel efficiency in mind, not power. You can however get all the bits from a tdi, turbo, manifold, pump, intercooler, change the head gasket and you have a tdi. Or you could just drop a tdi lump in, job done. Just incase you think that it's not worth all the bother, the tdi engines can be tweaked to put out 117+ bhp, with around 269nm of torque, and just for comparison my old Skoda Octavia Vrs has 235nm of torque and does 0-60 in 7 sec's, torque is what gives you that kick in the back. I'm not saying it will be as fast as the Skoda but you get the idea :thumb: All this can be achieved by making a small adjustment to the injector pump and turbo, about 2 hours work. Seriously!
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