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a rare escort estate spolier


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<img src=`http://www.evo-host.co.uk/getimg/11987,11988,11989.jpg`


this is 3 pics of a rare escort estate spolier for sale,this is not a cheap copy,its the rs one and does not have covers on the top like the ford ones do,i have mine held on by masking and screws and it is hold tight,it is currenty in white but it can be rubbed down to your car colour,if u had to go and buy one new,i have been told these are £129.99 with them been the rs ones and not ford,

under in the box it says


TYPE: 5 051 130



it is germany writing


i am only selling because i have brought one with the brake light include,the idiots will have no choice when i brake,they will see 4 brake lights come on


if anybody intrested,pm with a offer and we will see if we can come to some a

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