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acquired a car but non ford


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I have been given a very tidy looking white vw corrado by a friend of mine for payment of some money he owes me, just thought id put a couple of quick pics up of it that i took this morning on my phone before i went to work






And one from last night when i went to pick it up




At the moment im undecided what to do with it, The car is very clean & has got heated leather interior, Ive been given all the standard front and rear lights, Its got MOT till september, 107k on the clock with most of its history, All handbooks & document wallet but it does have a couple of small issues that need sorting on it- for some reason it wont idle when cold but once its warmed up it ticks over at just over 1000rpm, the brakes were all replaced for its Mot last year and its only done 500 ish miles since then but been stood for about 4 months so they are sticking on.

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its only the 2.0 16valve, Car is in excellent condition though, Full grey heated leather interior, 17" alloys (2 new tyres) Jvc cd player, power steering, electric windows/sunroof and the best bit is the active spoiler that goes up when you reach a certain speed (or you can send it up electrically from the button on the dash)


oh he owed me over 2k :censored:

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Nice car I have always found them a dog to work on though


Aye they are! My mate is restoring one, but he is an electrician so ive done most of the mechanical side. The rear bumper was an absolute nightmare.


Still, I do like them alot!

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