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help help help quick please help

lil rich

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hi guys i just got a boss kit for my car mk6 escort the boss is the focus one and it just wont work can anyone help me


her are pics of where i am at









so i have the old wheel off boos and new wheel ready to go on. plastic horn and air bang thing bangling.



please help asap



thanks so much

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"Just wont work" ??? :unsure:

Not very descriptive of your problem im afraid.

All i can tell you is that that boss just doesnt look right to me.

Heres mine (fits mk6 airbag models)






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For starters you need to lose that yellow airbag wire (its not needed any more as you will no longer have an airbag), you may need to cut off the stub it leaves behind too.

Just all looks wrong to me but thats a certain starting point for you.

The wheel should come with a horn & the relevent wires that feed back through the boss to the contacts on the horn plate.

plus it doesnt look at all like mine, not just the teeth but the whole back looks a different layout/depth.

Can i ask where you got it, it looks rather thin & not very strong tbh?

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