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Hard Clutch Pedal.


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ive been having alot of problems with my clutch and gearbox latly, and at the moment the clutch on it is crazy heavy, heavier than my mates 1.8td clutch...


any ideas what could be causing this? i was thinking it could be somthing to do with the arm that the clutch cable goes to on the gearbox itself... ive budgeted for a new gearbox and clutch for when i change the engine, but i would rather change them while the engine is out. so i wanna sort this clutch problem out because its gonna be a while before i change the engine and its making driving a chore as my leg starts to ache after a few miles :(.


its recently had a new clutch cable and clutch ratchet, but it was hard before them too...


any help would be great

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