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Need idea's


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i need a lil help

i have a ford escort gti but would like to up the power a lil/lot


what i have but, haven't put them on yet cus waiting for mot pass is:



back box

power boost valve (worked very well on my fiesta!)

silicon plug leads (on engine)

platinum plugs (on engine)


so got any idea's





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None of the things you've got/added so far will give you a noticeable power increase (beyond placebo). The PBV will most likely lose you performance.


The only way to get a noticeable power increase is turbo/nitrous/supercharger/throttle_bodies.

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thanks for the reply


i've Just just noticed that the PBV has made my top speed fall by 10mph and no pull left, was a lil worried about that now i know :)


was thinking of changing the throttle body , heard that the a 2.0 zetec would be good but woud that not clash with ecu settings ?


example i tried to put a new Mass Airflow Sensor on it off a 2 zetec but she couldn't idle herself

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